Posted by: gio512 | November 9, 2007

Welcome to SmartToolkit Blog

Welcome to SmartToolkit Blog, the Official SmartToolkit Blog. I’m Gio512, knowed in Italy with this nickname, and now I’m opening a new Worldwide Blog. Here you can find informations and other about STK. Thanks to e-Natives Technology and to his president, Ahmad Amarullah, for this fantastic software!



  1. I try the first comment 😀

    Thanks to support me with this blogs, hope it will help the others.

    I will try to add the this blog rss in

  2. As a second comment, i wish to thank you all for your wonderful work! Its a truly amazing piece of software which transformed my Smartphone experience from kind of bland to an awesome one! I keep playing with my phone now just using your software, i love it!

  3. First, thank you for fine work!!! At me a question, prompt who knows, I install the program on the htс s620, at the first start all works without censures, at the following start the program ceases to work and extraction of the accumulator helps only. It is thankful in advance for the answer!!!

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