Posted by: gio512 | November 10, 2007

e-Natives and Gio512 Team alliance for a better SmartToolkit

Get SmartToolkit and Gio512’s skins and utilities

If you have a Windows Mobile Smartphone, get SmartToolkit RC07 on your smartphone from e-Natives download section. And don’t forget to make a little donation ;-)!



  1. smartoolkit has made me very happy over all others. Basically it is like having a beat up ford and detailing it and the outcome is a porsch. thank you

  2. yrgjtwca hyaml zwkrqap rzbjwx pjibg xyfksd otikuj

  3. Smart toolkit is very good and i like to make my own skins for it
    you can make your W.M.smartphone to look like winVista!!!!!

  4. “Great Work Mat….!”

  5. hola quisiera tener windows en mi ceular para no encuentro por ningun lado mi celul es un sony w200a si saben algo mi email es gracias pongan en el explorador y de todo para el celular de todo toda clase de juego;aplicaciones:multimedia;internet;toda clases de juego 3d ;de deporte;auto;edt

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