Posted by: gio512 | November 10, 2007

SmartToolkit RC08: What’s new?… Gadgets!

The gadgets in next version you can:

* Change the key access in deskbar
You can access via Control Panel > General

* Customizable
You can access via Control Panel > Gadgets

* Move Up and Move Down
You can set the position as you want, you can access it via Control Panel > Gadgets, In the gadgets item you can press your joystick and select move up or down, (just like hotkey settings)

* Configuration per gadgets
External and Internal gadgets will be able to contain personal configuration. There is 5 Internal gadget (Key Lock, Popup Launcher “Previously System Launcher”, Shortcut, Profile, and Volume control).

The popup launcher and shortcut will be able to customize personally (Keylock, Profile and Volume control will show “No Configuration”). You can access it when you select gadget item and press joystick then select Configuration.

* Popup Launcher : This gadget’s interface just like previous System Launcher, but you will be able to change the application, it will show popup with the name of program, It can contain max 9 Items. You can set the title of this launcher, and you can show multiple Popup Launcher Gadget in your gadgets bar.

* Shortcut : This is direct launcher gadget, you can only set one program, and will show in gadget bar as 1 item. you can show multiple Popup Launcher Gadget in your gadgets bar.

* Delete and Add the Gadgets.
In gadgets you can delete the showed gadgets or add new gadget, just wait in the next version, It’s difficult to explain Emoticon.

* Some external gadgets in Bundled Next Release
I will create the Web Search and Run Program Gadgets.

The websearch will show popup with text editor and search engine icon when you select it. After you type the word that you want to search, you can press the action key (joystick), It will run the browser and set the URL into search engine with keyword which you type. It also will be configurable, you can select your favorite search engine.

The Run program will show popup with text edit “run” and “…” button, when you select the “…” it will browse your filesystem, when you select run, it will run the program. The text editor will alwalys show the previous program. It also configurable, you can clear the previous running program in config window.

SmartToolkit RC08 will be released this Sunday or Monday.



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  4. How much does it cost? Is it a shareware? A freeware?

  5. It’s freeware!

  6. i’m wondering if I use it and how looks is it ??

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