Posted by: gio512 | November 11, 2007

Top Ten (6 for this month) Skins List – October 2007

1. [SKIN] – Windows Vista Aero by Gio512
Nov, 11 2007. 03:56 by Gio512 – (560 downloads)
This is the Windows Vista Skin for STK RC07 by Gio512. It uses Windows Aero interface and adds a glass style to your start menu and windows. More info at:

2. [SKIN] – My Phone Likes Vista
Nov, 05 2007. 05:42 by Amarullz – (276 downloads)
by amarullz. This is my second skins for SmartToolkit, It give you more advanced in skinning of SmartToolkit. Have a nice try!. Now my phone is realy vista likes :D. More Info. see the forum :

3. [SKIN] – Pure Black
Nov, 05 2007. 05:41 by Prosper – (267 downloads)
by Prosper. A first-try skin to match my “Pure Black” homescreen.

4. [SKIN] – Light Blue Shadow by Gio512
Nov, 06 2007. 09:05 by Gio512 – (127 downloads)
Here my last creation… Light Blue Shadow. This skin has a light blue interface and blue shadow borders. Try it… More info at:  

5. [SKIN] – Blue Swirl
Nov, 05 2007. 05:40 by Prosper – (127 downloads)
My second theme. Matches my “Blue Swirl” homescreen.

6. [SKIN] – Windows XP Blue Luna by Gio512
Nov, 05 2007. 05:41 by Gio512 – (115 downloads)
This is a Windows XP Blue Luna theme developed by Giovanni Sorrenti – Gio512. It is compatible with QVGA and QQVGA screens. It works also in landscape mode using QVGA. See the forum for more info about how to install it…



  1. The links are not working.

  2. saw some some pretty cool iPhone Cover designs at not sure if they are photoshopped but they look pretty cool.
    Does anyone know how to do this themselves, like with some kind of film?

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