This is the download section. Since the main website is offline or aving not any working download link, SmartToolkit Official Blog is trying to keep (in collaboration with the Gio512 Team) the download service active. You can find the different sections below:


SmartToolkit Releases



Themes and Skins



Icon Sets






  1. Iam from Brasil

  2. Yes

  3. thank u

  4. happy

  5. im very happy

  6. hfghfghfgngh h h jd d g j

  7. Please, update this program!!!!

  8. Click on SmartToolkit Releases and download it!
    If you wait, skins and icon sets downloads will be available in a couple of days. 😉

  9. dfjewurhnpuiwrhnqpwivupruiqvbtouiertvbgovbo

  10. wawww

  11. where can I get the gadgets?

  12. Gadgets will be published soon. Stay tuned. 😉

  13. Gio could you upload some icons….. I lost all the old icons from amarullz’s website

  14. Love the program in concept, still a little buggy though. Is there going to be any further development? This could be a must-have piece of software, just needs some work. Would definitely pay for a finished version.

  15. The development is stopped for now. Amarullz is too busy now. 😦

  16. Yes Spectre. I’ll upload icons soon. Also my new Windows 7 Icon Pack! 😉

  17. hey please help. Way back i had smarttoolkit on my SPV E200, that version had a 2,4,6,8 controls like option (for joystick navigation)

    I want the same in this new version(i-e i want to explore whole of my phone using 2,4,6,8 keys.)

    Can you invoke that feature in the new version too?

    Also one more question. Is this project still manged by amarulz aka Amarullah or gio ?

    are both same?

  18. The project is from amarullz, but this is the Official SmartToolkit Blog, where you can find a lot of themes and many other stuff.

  19. This app is awesome

  20. This app doesn’t work on my phone.
    I have WM 6.1 and I install all the needed certificat.
    But when I launch the app, the down bar disapear and nothing change.

    Is anyone can help me ?

  21. Sadly nothing seems to be happening here these days!

    Links go nowhere in particular .. any news from anybody?

    Smarttoolkit cannot be dead surely .. ?!?

  22. Is this blog not running anymore?

    Sad,cause this a great app.

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